Ulchabald is one of the two kingdoms of Earth. It's governed by a Monarchy, a royal family, and has been for thousands of years.


Ulchabald is located in the northeastern area of Volitalya, surrounded by frozen lakes and dead woodlands. This makes it a place not many people would want to live, so it's quite desolate compared to the rest of the continent.

The only thing known about Ulchabald is that the royal family lives there, along with a handful of other families close to the royal family, and that the kingdom itself is only about 30 leagues in size.


Before there was a Monarchy, the people were actually very close and many of the communities were able to live together peacefully. It was because of this, however, that their land began running out, causing them to ship off and explore other lands.

The Monarchy was established to try and curb the birth rates, limiting the amount of children any one family could have, but this also drove a wedge between all of the different countries. All of their cultures were so wildly different that they all reacted in different ways and small wars began cropping up all over the continent. The Monarchy did little to try and stop these wars, believing that the people should settle between themselves.

To this day, there are still small wars going on between different countries and the Monarchy is slowly falling from power. No one is entirely sure who or what kind of government will take up the reins next, either.


  • The kingdom is represented by gold and royal purple, the common colors for royalty to wear.
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