Mortal Affinity is a story created by Emerald Rose and initially conceptualized on October 3, 2015.


Mortal Affinity is set mainly on Earth and is centered around Ida Fluorite, Midori Suga, and Soleil. The story follows the three of them on a mission with unknown details that has them battling demons from another dimension. Along the way, their relationships grow and blossom into greater things. Dark things are afoot behind the curtains, however, and the path these three follow branches into three different paths for them to take. It is unsure which will lead them to ultimate victory and true happiness, if there is such a thing.




Minor Characters


  • The original concept didn't have the time loop mechanic.
  • There are still hopes that this will someday be turned into a show, but so far it is only slated to be a comic. There are no dates for when the comic will be done, though.