Like hell I'm gonna leave! Besides, who'd dress you? You certainly can't!
—Midori to Ida in Vol 1: Fresh Start

Midori Suga is a human from Earth who works at Fable's Fabric Store. She always introduces herself as Midorin as she thinks it's a lot cuter than just Midori, and has been tagging along with Ida Fluorite ever since they met.


Midori is a chubby young woman with light freckles all over her body. She has short gold hair fading to bright orange worn loose and red eyes.


Her first outfit is a dark red dress under a short black jacket, black strapped heels, and a black choker and earrings.

Her second outfit is a long light red ruffled dress, light red translucent tights under black platform pumps, and a black infinity scarf.

Her last outfit is a short sleeveless red dress, black flats, and a red necklace and bracelets.

Her sleepwear is a white tank-top and pale red shorts.

Her outfit at the end of chapter 4 is a short orange dress, black sandals, and black bracelets and earrings.

Her outfit at the end of chapter 9 is a short sleeveless pale yellow dress, black lace-up heels, and a black necklace and bracelets.




Vol 1

Fresh Start

So close, yet so far

Is this the end or the beginning?

The Threat Sealed?

Vol 2

Do Over

Will it work this time?

Homeward Bound

Vol 3

Life Begins Anew

The Cycle Continues

I won't rest until you're free

Living the Dream


Enhanced Durability: Despite her appearance, she is able to handle a good deal of damage quite well without being totally incapacitated. It slowly increased throughout the story, as she's able to stand up after taking a direct hit from Ziz at one point, which she would not have been able to do earlier on in the story.

Keen Intellect: She has been shown to be able to deconstruct complex plans by the enemy within a few moments of thinking it over, as she's able to discover loopholes and gaps in their plans they wouldn't have noticed. She's also very adept at puzzles and riddles, finding great joy in solving them.

Smooth Talker: Because she grew up on the streets for the most part, she learned how to talk her way into getting things she wants, able to convince even the strictest of people to let down their guard and let her in on secrets.


Ida Fluorite






  • Midori is from Japanese 緑 (midori) meaning "green"
    • Pronunciation: Mee-dohr-ee
  • Suga is from the Japanese 須 (su) "necessarily" and 賀 (ga or ka) "congratulation"; it's also the Japanese pronunciation of the 'suga' from sugar
    • Pronunciation: Shoo-guh
  • She moved to Rosewood on June 19, 2009, five years before the start of the story.
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