Magic is the physical manifestation of one's soul and it can be used a variety of ways. The specific strength and capability differs from person to person, but everyone is capable of using it with enough training.


Magic is a power that all of those with a soul can use with enough training on how to harness their soul's power. Everyone's magic has its own specific color and texture to it, as no soul is identical. For example, Soleil's soul is pale yellow with swirling black patterns in it, while Ida's is teal with a black speckled pattern in it.

It has been shown that absolutely anything with a soul can use magic, including the demons and spirits that inhabit Dispatia. Clones and synthetics could also, hypothetically speaking, use magic if they were made in the proper hands. However, no recorded cases have shown clones or synthetics to be able to harness magic.

Skilled magic users are capable of using as many types of magic as they wish, although the more types you use, the less powerful your magic will be in each individual type. For instance, if you were to have all of the elemental magics under your control, your fire magic wouldn't be nearly as powerful as someone who had trained themselves mostly in fire magic. Therefore, most people choose a few different types of magic to focus on, that way their magic is both strong and versatile.

If you use your magic for too long, however, you will eventually run out. While you won't die if you do, it takes quite a while for your magic to recharge from empty. For this reason, most people try not to overexert themselves when using their magic, as they would be unable to continue using it for almost a week if they drained their magic completely.

Types of Magic

Transformation Magic: This type of magic has different ways of use:
  • The most common way is transforming your body into something else, like an animal or another person. Using it this way requires the smallest amount of effort and experience compared to the other uses of this magic, but it still takes years of training and diligence to completely master.
  • The second-most common use of this magic is transforming objects into other objects. Most commonly, people use it to hide or disguise their belongings from others, but it is also used as a means to prank people. Obviously, this is a use that most people don't take too seriously in any regard.
  • The third way to use this magic is one that not many people have attempted and succeeded at doing; transforming another person. It takes great amounts of concentration, skill, and experience to do this correctly, and it can completely destroy the other person if even the tiniest thing is done wrong. The only time this has been shown in the story is when Noir transforms one of his minions into a pile of sludge, although this could also mean that Noir himself is incapable of using this magic in this way.
Time Magic: This magic can also be used in a variety of ways, but it all stems from the belief that time is simply a concept and can, and should, be manipulated at will:
  • The most common way to use time magic is to stop time, either by freezing an object in mid-fall or freezing the time in a surrounding area. Many people use this magic like this during day-to-day living, using it as more of a convenient tool that thinking of it as time manipulation.
  • Another way this magic is used, almost as commonly as the previous, is acceleration or deceleration of time. Many people have tried to use this in a way to grant them eternal life, but there have never been any recorded cases of it working. Most people that do use this magic this way use it simply to slow down time so that they may take as much time as they need on something, such as a project for school.
  • There are another two ways to use time magic, but they are very similar:
    • One way is to jump forward or backwards through time, also known as time travel. Many people don't do this because of the cataclysmic effects it could have by changing the past and there are also a great many people who have no wish to see the future.
    • The second way is to loop time. To achieve this, you must have set a waypoint down at the point in time you wish to go back to. The reason this differs from simply jumping back in time is because your body doesn't move at all, so there aren't two of you in the same time. Instead, your mind goes back to that way-point, with all of your memories of the future events intact. Very few people use this magic, as most who do end up getting stuck in a sort of groundhog day as reality tries to fix itself around you.


The Earth is known to the Carnitians as a soul-sucking planet, or rather a living thing that thrives off of the power of the souls living on it. The reason that humans cannot use or see magic is because their souls are constantly being fed upon and only the lowest amount of it is left so they can still live. This is also why they have vastly shorter lifespans than other races, because the power of the soul directly correlates with how long one lives. Ida notes upon arrival that she feels much weaker and Soleil himself is unable to make himself visible to anyone due to how strong the pull of the Earth is. There are no records outside of the Royal Family to denote why exactly the Earth feasts on soul power, but whatever the reason all Carnitians are strictly forbidden from entering its atmosphere without a specific purpose.

For Ida and Soleil to use magic, they must concentrate intensely and burrow deep into their soul to find the source of their well of magic. They call upon the natural elements as well and become something like the Earth, taking in the souls of the living things around them to fully utilize their magic. They must act quickly, though, as the Earth will almost instantly recognize this and begin devouring their magic. This is why Ida has a very limited amount of time in each transformation while on Earth and the time limit slowly decreases the longer she stays on Earth.

There are rumors among the Carnitians that if one were to stay on Earth for long enough, they would become a human and lose all of their magical capabilities. Eventually, they would die because their bodies cannot function properly without magic to sustain them. This also seems to apply to Dispatians, who are also greatly affected by the Earth's atmosphere. Researchers have determined that the Earth has a natural barrier surrounding it, thanks to the magic residue left from The Interdimensional War. Of course, Noir and minions created by him are completely unnaffected, a testament to the strength of an S class demon.