Florentine is one of the two kingdoms of Earth and is considered to be a massive achievement for all of mankind. It's governed by an Oligarchy, a council of 30 or so people, and has been for thousands of years.


Florentine is located square in the middle of Dracnesse, surrounded by lush forests and many a waterfall to gaze at. This makes it an ideal place to live, as much of the people of Dracnesse have moved to it.

It is known that Florentine is almost 100 leagues in size, taking up the majority of space in the surrounding area with buildings and other man-made structures. There are several districts within the kingdom, though most notably is the agricultural district, the outermost layer of the kingdom, the upper-class district, a layer of the kingdom very close to the middle, and the Oligarchical district, where only those on the council may reside.


Before the Oligarchy was formed, the land where the kingdom now stands was once a massive plain of fields and trees. Due to the natural beauty and life of the surrounding land, there were many different species of animals and plants that lived there.

Once the Oligarchy was formed, however, many of those animals were driven out of their homes and a great many plants were killed in the making of the new kingdom. It started off with only a small portion of the land being taken, only enough to hold the council, but it soon began growing further and further to accommodate the massive influx of people who had begun to move there.

After thousands of years, it has expanded to be almost 100 leagues in size, both in width and length, and it is still growing in size to this day. Many people speculate that within the next 10,000 years, all of Dracnesse will be taken over by the kingdom's walls.


  • The kingdom is represented by turquoise and silver colors, with every flag that waves in the wind there sporting these colors alongside the kingdom's symbol.
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