Earth, while bearing the same name, is actually very different from our own Earth, with only two continents and about 50 countries.


There are only two major kingdoms on this Earth, both ruling over the entire continents they sit on, although they are incredibly different in the way they rule. Florentine rules over the continent, and country, of Dracnesse using an Oligarchy, while Ulchabald rules over Volitalya, and all of the countries within it, as a Monarchy.

Dracnesse takes up almost the entirety of the eastern hemisphere, with all of the lands and people unified under one name, and Volitalya sits in the southwestern hemisphere, about only 3/4 the size of Dracnesse, although all of the lands and people in it are separated into different countries.


A long time ago, back during the great interdimensional war, Dracnesse was not one unified nation, instead most of it was undiscovered and the people that did live on it kept to themselves, having no wish to congregate with the other settlements. On the other side of the world, Volitalya was overflowing with people, to the point where they were running out of the the room needed to live comfortably there. So, fleets of people set out on ships to go discover new lands.

It was then that they found Dracnesse, which they claimed as their own, pushing the native people out of their homes and into enclosed camps, as they were deemed savages compared to the people from Volitalya. Due to this, the natives of Dracnesse prayed to their gods for the intruders to be smote down where they stood, and their plea was heard. The people from Volitalya, who were unused to the unnaturally harsh environments of Dracnesse, were struck with terrible diseases and many of them died because of this. The ones that did survive were taken hostage by the natives and used as slaves and servants.

The people of Valistalya continued to send fleets of people to Dracnesse, only for the same fates to meet them. Eventually, the people of Dracnesse grew in intelligence and started crafting their own weapons and learning all sorts of new things. The people who came to their land treated them like royalty, fearing the might of their gods, and this went on for centuries still.

There came a point, however, that the people of Valistalya were becoming more and more resilient to the lands of Dracnesse and the gods of the natives were becoming more and more ignorant of their pleas. After several more settlers came to Dracnesse, the natives were eventually overtaken and exploration of the lands could begin. By this point, the interdimensional war was over and the effects of the residual magic floating through the lands seeped into the human species, making them evolve much faster than they would have on their own.

Several more centuries after the natives were overtaken, the whole of Dracnesse had been fully explored and all of the people were beginning to wonder if there was a better way to govern their lands. Small wars had been breaking out across the land, either between people fighting over what land was theirs or the natives trying once more to take back their lands, and the people were growing weary of having to constantly defend their homes from invaders.

It was at this point that a small group of people got together and drew up the plans for what would later become the Oligarchy that stands today. They had little support back then, as people didn't believe that a small group of people would be able to govern an entire continent of other people, let alone who would even be chosen for the job. Even so, they kept pushing their idea and it eventually stuck and grew more and more popular among the masses.

The process was long and grueling, and many missteps were taken, but the building blocks for their Oligarchy were set in place and everything was beginning to run smoothly. Then it came time to divvy out the land and see who would get what. This is a process that took many, many decades to get through, and at the end it was decided that all of the land would belong to the Oligarchy and everyone would share the land with everyone else. Of course, many people voiced their disagreement over this, but it was already set in motion by the time those people found out.

All the while, Valistalya had been living in utter peace and harmony as many countries governed under one rule, that of the Monarchy. Had Dracnesse known about this way of governing, it is likely they would have taken that route. Alas, they didn't know, and a great many wars broke out throughout the building of the current Dracnesse.

Thousands of years later, Dracnesse stands tall today with all of the lands and people under one ruling Oligarchy and a trade route set up with Valistalya so that both continents may learn and grow more throughout the years.


As was stated, Dracnesse is ruled under an Oligarchy, with all of the land and its people united as one country under its rule. The Oligarchy is a council of 30 or so people who all decide how the continent should be run. Every six years, the council is re-elected and new councilors are put on the council. After their six years of service, they are no longer able to run for office, although they can help other campaign. The Oligarchy controls literally every aspect of the lives of the people of Dracnesse, although there have been little to no riots or uprisings after their rule was cemented, so it's evident they're doing things right so far.

Valistalya is run under a Monarchy that rules over all of the continent and its 40+ countries. Not much is known about how they rule or who the royal family is, but they have had many wars break out over the different laws instated over the people. The question of why a Monarchy rules over 40 countries instead of doing as Dracnesse did is something that remains unanswered.


The cultures in both of these lands differ very much, despite their origins. Dracnesse has a much more western culture, fitting more with the ways of the Americas, although mostly the Northern Americas. Valistalya, on the other hand, is much more like that of Europe and North Asia. Both of their cultures are very vibrant, though, and are incredibly unique in their own right.


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  • There has been an idea thrown around that the planet should be renamed to something else to avoid any confusion, but it was ultimately scrapped in favor of how it stands now.
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