Aogantu, Sochion, Trebustea are the moons within Dispatia.


The smallest of the three circles Dospuna. It has a sickly green hue and is made almost entirely of strange frosted glass. It doesn't so much as circle the planet as it sits in one space at all times. Instead, the glass constantly spins around the large center piece in a dangerous small radius.


The second-largest of the three circles Yeskeshan. It has a pale violet surface streaked with iridescent greens and blues and is really just a large ball of gas encircling a small glass bead. The bead never strays from its path around the planet but the gas is constantly coming from it and dissipating as it reaches the outer edges.


The largest of the three circles Bachaiwei. It has a deep crimson color and is rather dense with a thick layer of rusted dust covering its surface. It circles the planet at a very slow rate and is rotation-locked to the planet, meaning the moon itself doesn't spin.