You'll see when you're older, sweetie, but a day of hard work is more fulfilling than any life goals I've ever achieved. I'm being honest when I say there's nothing I'd rather be doing than this right here.
—Achim to Ida when she was a child

Achim Fluorite was the father of Ida Fluorite and the husband of Lene Fluorite. He worked as a farmer in the town of Tarina before dying of unnatural causes.


Achim appeared to be a muscular man of tall height with long pointed ears. He had short green hair with lavender streaks and brown eyes with slit pupils.

He wore a white shirt tucked into dark purple high-waisted pants, black boots, and a silver ring.



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Lene Fluorite

Ida Fluorite


  • Achim is German short form of Joachim, which is the contracted form of Jehoiakim, meaning 'raised by Yahweh', a name of a Hebrew God where the name may have originally been derived from the old Semitic root הוה (hawah) meaning "to be" or "to become"
    • Pronunciation: Ah-keem
  • Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, CaF2
    • Pronunciation: Flohr-ait